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VT Mandatory Course (2022) - Live Webinar - 4 credit hours of CE


with Randy Mayhew, Esq.

Calendar Next available session starts May 25, 2021 at 8:30 am
1 additional session on Jun 23, 2021

Officially named: 2020-2022 Renewal Cycle - Mandatory Course (VT) this course is the required 4 credit hour course approved by the Vermont Real Estate Commission for all real estate license renewals for the year 2022.  It is nicknamed the VT Mandatory Course (2022).  It is presented by live webinar.  The course is divided into three Parts: Part 1 being Real Estate Transactions Tax Review; Part 2 being Current Hot Topics for Agents and How the Rules Play Out; and Part 3 being Current Laws, Rules and Cases.

Understanding Easements - Live Webinar - 4 credit hours of CE


with Randy Mayhew, Esq.

Calendar Next available session starts May 19, 2021 at 8:30 am, runs for 1 week
1 additional session on Jun 29, 2021

This course presents the Vermont real estate practitioner with the basic tools necessary to deal with easements in the process of listing real estate for sale and performing due diligence when representing sellers and buyers. 

Initially, there is a brief discussion of why real estate agents need to understand easements and how they should limit the scope of service to marketing issues and avoid practicing law. 

The largest part of the course is then devoted to a survey of the basic law of easements, including definitions, how easements are created, how easements are terminated, and the scope of easements.  A short lecture introduces each topic.  Then extensive time is devoted to discussion and analysis of twenty-two specific discussion questions.  It is here that the student learns best practices and legitimate concerns.  This is followed by a special section suggesting detailed approaches to due diligence requirements.  In the end, a short period is devoted to reviewing recent developments in easement law.

This course is approved for 4 credit hours of Continuing Education for Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons in Vermont.


* To review the basic law of easements

* To identify common misunderstandings and pitfalls among agents relating to easements

* To develop appropriate listing and marketing strategies regarding easements

* To develop due diligence skills as buyer representative regarding easements


Course includes a 20 page course outline.  The first 15 minutes include Summary and Explanation of Course Scope and Objectives & Discussion.  The next 155 minutes covers the Basic Law of Easements. Following are 40 minutes devoted to Suggested Due Diligence for Real Estate Agents Regarding Easements and 30 minutes of Recent Developments in Vermont Easement Law.

VT Law Study - Live Webinar - 8 credit hours of CE


with Randy Mayhew, Esq.

Calendar Next available session starts May 27, 2021 at 8:30 am, runs for 1 week
1 additional session on Jun 28, 2021

This course is approved by the Vermont Real Estate Commission for EIGHT (8) clock hours toward satisfying the requirements for renewal or reactivation of a VT real estate broker or salesperson license.  This course is ideal for TRAINING of newer agents and for BRUSHING UP on the requirements and issues relating to VT practice for more experienced agents.

Study will be completed in a live interactive webinar format with eight (8) hours of lecture and discussion.  Slide presentations are used to supplement the lectures with details and examples.  

Course content includes: Part 1: Vermont Real Estate License Law & Rules – 4 hours, 30 minutes (Prohibitions, Requirement of a License, The Vermont Real Estate Commission, Unprofessional Conduct, Registrations and Licenses, Other Issues Regarding Licenses, Business Models in Vermont, Required Conduct of Licensee, Service Agreements, Other Rules of Conduct, Material Facts Disclosure);  and Part 2: Summary of Vermont Laws Relating to Real Estate Transactions – 3 hours, 30 minutes (Act 250 – State Land Use Control, Environmental Protection Rules – Chapter 1 re Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply, Municipal and Regional Planning and Development – Zoning, On-Premise Signs, Discrimination and Fair Housing, Residential Rental Agreement Law, Vermont Property Transfer Tax, Vermont Land Gains Tax, Vermont Real Estate Withholding Tax, Conveyance of Real Estate)

The following materials are included with the course. Vermont Statutes Relating to Real Estate Agents · Vermont Administrative Rules Relating to Real Estate Agents · Study Guide – Miscellaneous Vermont Laws.

Each participant is given a key to an online study kit contain almost 500 coached questions in practice exam format.

DO NOT REGISTER HERE if you are a Classroom or Hybrid/Online prelicense student of the school as this course is offered for free as part of your prelicense studies.

40 Hour Salesperson Prelicense Live Webinar


with Randy Mayhew, Esq.

Calendar Next available session starts Jun 7, 2021 at 9 am, runs for 4 weeks

Mondays and Thursdays (4 weeks) from 9 to 2:30 begin June 7 and end June 28 (final meeting is 8:30 to 5:30)

This course satisfies the requirement of a 40 Hour Prelicense Class for all original Salesperson license applicants.  Classes are held in small interactive live webinar format.  Students are expected to be available both by video and by audio.  Includes 6 sessions of approximately 5.5 hours each (national portion) and 1 session of approximately 8 hours (state portion)— Schedule is revolving; you can join at any time; each session stands by itself on the topic described in the course outline— Lectures from class outline and from slides:–Session One: Agency; Defining Real Property and Personal Property; Marketing Considerations – Session Two: Contracts –Session Three: Title and Deeds; Estates; Landlord Tenant – Session Four: Financing; Federal Financing Laws – Session Five: Appraisal; Property Management – Session Six: Calculations; Property Description; Fair Housing; Closing – Session Seven and Eight: VT Law Study. 

Learning occurs through:  (1) Lecture; (2) Class Discussion; (3) Follow-up Reading; (4) Follow-up chapter tests; (5) Reinforcing Online and phone apps included— Classes are taught by an attorney/law professor versed in real estate law — Text book and Review Book included:  Modern Real Estate Practice, version 20.0 and Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Salesperson Exam, 6th Edition.

VT Real Estate Buyer Agency - Live Webinar - 4 credit hours of CE


with Randy Mayhew, Esq.

Calendar Next available session starts Jun 15, 2021 at 8:30 am

This course has been approved by the Vermont Real Estate Commission for four (4) clock elective hours for activating or renewing a real estate license in Vermont.  Learning objectives include: To review the framework and requirements of law affecting buyer agents. To explore options to define the scope of services to buyers. To discuss other contract issues facing the buyer agent and the buyer. To discuss standard of care and due diligence requirements for buyer agents.

This course provides a thorough introduction to the requirements and issues facing Vermont buyer agents.  It can also be used as a good review course for experienced buyer agents.

Part 1 (30 minutes) covers the framework and legal requirements.

Part 2 (45 minutes) covers defining the scope of services to buyers; creating proper expectations and dealing with forms.

Part 3 (60 minutes) covers contract issues such as conflicts of interest, compensation, the initial interview as tool to refine contract provisions.

Part 4 (105 minutes) covers due diligence issues such as helping your client ask the right questions, inquiry notice issues, inspection, codes and environmental issues.


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